About Us

The Drake family has come from generations of farmers dating back to England and Germany. In 1939 Helmuth Drake started his own dairy farm by purchasing 80 acres of farmland and 12 dairy cows. The farm consisted of three barns, used horse drawn equipment, and also included pigs and chickens.  

Helmuth grew up on a farm as did his father and his grandfather and so would his son, grandson and great-grandson.

In 1957 Helmuth’s son Wyman took on the family business and extended the family’s farmland by purchasing a neighboring farm. 

In 1988 Wyman’s son Jim purchased the farm. All generations continued to work on the farm and contributed to the farm’s expansion to its current location on the homestead in 1994. This expansion included the farm’s first free stall barn and parallel parlor.

The farm continued to grow with the addition of its second free stall barn in 2004. In 2009 the farm reached its fourth generation of management with Brian Drake and Omar Guerrero becoming partners with Jim.

Today the three manage a 1,750 head dairy farm, actively milk 1,550 cows three times a day and farm over 4,000 acres of land. The farm employees over 40 people for milking, feeding and fieldwork as well as supports jobs in the local economy with goods and services it purchases.