Our Facilities


Our milking facility is a parallel parlor that currently milks 72 cows at a time. Bomatic milkers are used with automatic take-offs. Iodine hand dippers and fabric cloths are used before and after to sanitize each cow that enters the parlor. After each milk shift, time is allocated to cleaning and sanitizing the equipment so that milk quality is protected.

From the parlor, milk is transported through pipes into a chiller and cooler to ensure milk is cooled from a cow’s internal body temperature before entering the bulk storage tank. Milk is chilled in less than 15 seconds from a cow's body temperature of 100.5 degrees to a storage temperature of 34 degrees.

The farm has three free stall barns that house the cows to protect them from rain, snow and sun. Each barn is equipped with curtains on the sides to raise or lower for natural ventilation. Each barn also includes internal or external fans for continuous circulation of air.